CAT 2000 Question Paper


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 161

Triangle PQR has angle PRQ equal to 90 degrees. What is the value of PR + RQ?

A. Diameter of the inscribed circle of the triangle PQR is equal to 10 cm.
B. Diameter of the circumscribed circle of the triangle PQR is equal to 18 cm

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Question 162

Harshad bought shares of a company on a certain day, and sold them the next day. While buying and selling he had to pay to the broker one percent of the transaction value of the shares as brokerage. What was the profit earned by him per rupee spent on buying the shares?

A.The sales price per share was 1.05 times that of its purchase price.
B. The number of shares purchased was 100.

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Question 163

For any two real numbers:

a + b = 1 if both a and b are positive or both a and b are negative.
a + b = -1 if one of the two numbers a and b is positive and the other negative.

What is (2 + 0) + (-5 + -6)?
A. a + b is zero if a is zero
B. a + b = b + a

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Question 164

There are two straight lines in the x-y plane with equations:

ax + by = c

dx + ey = f

Do the two straight lines intersect?

A. a, b, c, d, e and f are distinct real numbers.

B. c and f are non-zero.

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Question 165

O is the centre of two concentric circles. AE is a chord of the outer circle and it intersects the inner circle at points B and D. C is a point on the chord in between B and D. What is the value of AC/CE?

A. BC/CD=1
B. A third circle intersects the inner circle at B and D and the point C is on the line joining the centres of the third circle and the inner circle.

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