SBI PO Verbal Test 9


In each question below a sentence with four words printed in bold type is given These are numbered as 1),2),3),4) One of these four words printed in bold may be either wrongly spelt or inappropriate in the context of the sentence Find out the word which is wrongly spelt or inappropriate if any.The number of that words is your answer if all the words printed in bold are correctly spelt and also appropriate in the context of the sentence mark 5)i.e.All correct’ as your answer.

Question 1

When the young artist returned (1) /to his village,his family held a festive(2)/dinner on it’s lawn to celebrate his triumpant(3)/homecoming(4)/All correct(5).

Question 2

She trusted Mira with all her heart(1)/and thus handled(2)/over her life’s(3)/savings to her instantly(4)/All correct(5).

Question 3

It is difficult(1)/ to see the picture(2)/ when you are inside(3)/the frame(4)/All correct (5).

Question 4

Had she not suppressed(1)/all the details of her company’s projects(2)/her Company would have bagged(3)/the contract(4)/All correct(5).

Question 5

The whole(1)/time she walked with her child in her arms the only thing(2)/that worried(3)/her was son’s feature(4)/All correct(5).

#NameOverall Score
1Reema Dessai5
2Rahul Kumar5
4Rakhee M5
5Rajesh Rock5
6Swanand Shiraguppe5
10Vrishabh Bhonde5

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