IBPS Clerk Data Analysis Test 12


Study the following bar-graph carefully and answer the following questions:

Q 1

What is the Gita’s average earnings over all the days together?

Q 2

What is the total amount earned by Rahul and Naveen together on Tuesday and Thursday together?

Q 3

Gita donated her earnings of Wednesday to Naveen. What was Naveen’s total earnings on Wednesday after Gita’s donation?

Q 4

What is the difference between Rahul’s earnings on Monday and Gita’s earnings on Tuesday?

Q 5

What is the respective ratio between Naveen’s earnings on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday?

# Name Overall Score
1 Priyanka Redge 3
2 Bala Deepak 3
3 Santhosh kumar 3
4 Ekta Bharadiya 2
5 Radhi Misty 2
6 Protecting Pets 2
7 Abhishek Jha 2
8 Pallavi D 2
9 Ankita Vaity 2
10 Amrit Munda 2

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