IBPS RRB Quant Test 14


Study the following Table carefully and answer the questions given below:

 Marks obtained by different students in different subjects.

                                                         Subjects (Maximum Marks)

Q 1

How many students have scored the lowest marks in two or more subjects ?

Q 2

Who has scored the highest marks in all the subjects together ?

Q 3

What is the percentage of Deepak’s marks (upto two digits after decimal) in all the subjects together ?

Q 4

Marks obtained by Charu in Hindi are what percent of marks (upto two digits after decimal) obtained by Anupama in the same subject ?

Q 5

What are the average marks obtained by all the students together in Science ?

# Name Overall Score
1 shreekala shree 5
2 dunna Jyothsna 5
4 Prajnasini Baghar 5
5 Gayatri Sharma 5
6 Meenu 5
7 Rutu Tutu 5
8 Ramesh Prajapati 5
9 Yash Agrawal 5
10 Pallavi 5

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