IBPS Clerk Data Analysis Test 13


Study the information carefully to answer these questions:
In a team there are 240 members(males and females). Two-third of them are males. Fifteen per cent of males are graduates. Remaining males are non-graduates. Three-fourth of the females are graduates. Remaining females are non-graduates.

Q 1

What is the difference between the number of females who are non-graduates and the number of males who are graduates?

Q 2

What is the sum of the number of females who are graduates and the number of males who are non-graduates?

Q 3

What is the ratio between the total number of males and the number of females who are non-graduates?


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 4

Out of 5 girls and 3 boys, a total of 4 children are to be randomly selected for a quiz contest. What is the probability that all the four children are girls?

Q 5

Amit and Sujit together can complete an assignment of data entry in 5 days. Sujit’s speed is 80% of Amit’s speed and the total key depressions in the assignment are 5,76,000. What Amit’s speed in key depression per hour if they work for 8 hours a day?

# Name Overall Score
1 Mahesh Chaudhary 5
2 Sweta Roy 5
3 Gaurav Agarwal 5
4 mudita singhal 5
5 deepak bhatia 5
6 Anil Bisht 5
7 Abhilash K S 5
8 Shammi Jaiswar 5
9 Saumya Shree 5

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