IBPS Clerk Data Analysis Test 2


Study the given table carefully to answer the question that follow:
percentage of marks obtained by five students in five different subjects in a school

Q 1

What is the average marks obtained by all the students together in English ?

Q 2

What is varun’s overall percentage in the examination ?

Q 3

What is the ratio of the total marks obtained by Veena and Shreya together in Mathematics to the marks obtained by Rahul in the same subject ?

Q 4

If in order to pass the exam a minimum of 95 marks is needed in Science how many students pass the exam ?

Q 5

What is the total marks obtained by Soham in all the subjects together ?

# Name Overall Score
1 Rajesh Rock 5
2 manoj kumar Soni 4
3 Snehalakshmy Nt 4
4 Jiwan Jot 3
5 Saloni Bansal 3
6 Kavya 3
7 Rou Das 3
8 Divya BS 3
9 S. krishnaa 3
10 Savita Gade 3

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