IBPS RRB Data Analysis Test 12


Study the table carefully to answer the question that follow:
Distance (in km) travelled by six trucks on six different days of the week

Q 1

What is the average distance travelled by Truck S on all the days together ?

Q 2

If the speed of Truck P on Monday was 19.2 km/hr what was the time taken by it to cover the given distance ?

Q 3

If to travel the given distance the time taken by truck Q on Friday was 8 hours what was its speed on that day ?

Q 4

What is the total distance travelled by all the trucks together on saturday ?

Q 5

If on Tuesday Truck R and Truck T travelled at the same speed what was the ratio of the time taken by Truck R and that taken by truck T to cover their respective distances ?

# Name Overall Score
1 manoj kumar Soni 5
2 Ashwini Yadav 5
3 Rahul Negi 5
4 Neha Jain 5
6 Neha Raj 5
7 sruthy 5
8 Nenavath Harika 5
9 sumeet skd3 5
10 Kalai 5

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