IBPS Clerk English Test 6


Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. Certain words/expressions are printed in bold in the passage to help you locate them while answering some of the questions.
Child Psychology is certainly not a strong point with most Indian schools; why else would they inflict a double trauma on a student faring badly in the pre-boards by banning her from taking the board exams. Often with fatal results as evidenced by reports of student suicides in the run-up to the boards. Now the Central board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has stepped in and put the brakes on this discriminatory practise, ruling that no student can be barred from the boards without prior clearance from the CBSE. The good news for parents and students, many of whom have had to live with the threat of performance-linked debarment. While the schools’ logic is that in order to attract talented students, the need to maintain performance records at high levels, the assumption that a student faring poorly at the preboards will ‘’replicate’’ this at the boards is faulty. Chances are that the student will by ‘’spurred’’ to work doubly hard. On the other hand, the threat of debarment will almost certainly impact adversely on her performance. Of course, linking pre-boards to the boards is only one of the problems with our school system.

Q 1

Choose the word which MOST OPPOSITE in meaning of the word ‘spur’ as used in the passage.

Q 2

Which is the good news for parents, according to the passage ?

Q 3

What is the ruling of the CBSE?

Q 4

What is the faulty assumption of schools, according to the passage ?

Q 5

Which of the following according to the passage is the problem with our school system ?

# Name Overall Score
1 Bushra Daud 5
2 Mohit Khantwal 5
3 Kumari Payal 5
4 Abhijith 5
5 Ashwin Harikrishnan 5
6 Monuakash Prajapati 5
7 Kiransurya M 5
8 Supraja Kannan 5
9 Dikchha Thapa 5
10 Steny 5

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