IBPS Clerk Reasoning Test 2


Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below :

A. B, C. D, F, G and H are seven football players each playing for a different team. viz. Green.- Red and Blue, with at least two of them in each of these teams. Each of them likes a fruit, viz. Apple. Guava. Banana. Orange, Mango. Papaya and Watermelon, not necessarily in the same order. B plays with F in team Blue and he likes Mango. None of those who play for either team Red or team Green likes either Guava or Banana. D plays with only the one who likes Watermelon. G likes Papaya and he plays in team Red. The one who likes Orange does not play in team Red. 1-1 likes Watermelon and he plays for team Green. A likes Apple and he plays for team Red. C does not like Guava.

Q 1

Which of the following players play for team Red ?

Q 2

In which team do three of them play ?

Q 3

Which of the following combinations is incorrect ?

Q 4

Who likes Guava ?

Q 5

Which fruit does D like ?

# Name Overall Score
1 Saloni Bansal 5
2 Sai Kumar 5
3 Payal Dupare 5
4 Prabha Nandhini 5
6 Aksharats Anjali 5
8 Manisha Royal 5
9 aishwarya 5
10 Sonam Patel 5

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