IBPS RRB English Test 5


In the following passage there are blanks each of which have been numbered. Against each number, there are five words one of which fills the blank appropriately. Find the appropriate word in each case. In any organized group of mammals, no matter how co-operative, there is always a (1) for social dominance. As he pursues this, each adult individual (2) a particular social rank, giving him his position, or status, in the group hierarchy. The situation never remains (3) for very long. largely because all the status strugglers are (4) oldre. when the overlords, or Stop-dogs’, become senile, their seniority is challenged and they are (5) by their immediate subordinates. there is then renewed dominance squabbling as (6) moves a littel farther up the social ladder. At the other end of the scale, the younger members of the group are maturing rapldly, keeping up the pressure from (7). In addition , certsin members of the group may suddenly be (8) down by discase or accidental death, leaving gaps in the hierarchy that have to be quickly filled. The general result is a constant condition of status tension. Under natural (9) this tension remains tolerable because of the limited size of the social groupings. If, however, in the artificial environment of captivity, the group size becomes too big, or the space available too small, then the status ‘rat race’ soon gets out of hand, dominance battles rage uncontrollably, and the leaders of the packs, prides, colonies or tribes come under (10) strain.

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Q 2


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Q 5


# Name Overall Score
1 dhiraj bhargav 5
2 Anju Kakarakkal 5
3 Pushp Sharma 5
4 Sakki 5
5 Samarendra Bhattacharjee 5
6 naveen dubey 5
7 vismaya tk 5
8 Akash T 5
10 Aman Kumar Rai 5

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