IBPS Clerk Data Analysis Test 9


Study the following table carefully and answer the questions that follows:

Q 1

What is the distance travelled by the train from Surat to Nadiad Jn?

Q 2

How much time does the train take to reach Ahmedabad after departing from Anand Jn. (including the halt time)

Q 3

What is the respective ratio between the number of passengers boarding from Vasai Road and from Ahmedabad in the train?

Q 4

If half time (stopping time) of the train at Vadodara is decreased by 2 minutes and increased by 23 minutes at Ahmedabad. At what time will the train reach Bhuj?

Q 5

Distance between which two stations is second lowest?

# Name Overall Score
1 Rashida Rangara 5
2 sumeet skd3 5
3 Deep Mondal 5
4 Priyanka Redge 5
5 Vipin Vips 5
6 nivedha guna 5
7 Dimple Mandloi 5
8 Abhijith Kumar K.S 5
9 bannu 5
10 Sidduprathapreddy 5

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