IBPS RRB Data Analysis Test 14


Study the information given in each of these questions and then answer the question.

Q 1

What is the average female population in million?

Q 2

What is the percentage rise in production in 2007 from 2006? (Rounded off to two digits after decimal)

Q 3

Out of the total 550 students, how many students did not prefer Maths or Economics?

Break-up of students having preference for each subject.

Q 4

What is the difference (in Rs. lakhs) between the average salary and the lowest salary?


For the following questions answer them individually

Q 5

Profit earned by an organization is distributed among officers and clerks in the ration 5 : 3 respectively. If the number of officers is 45 and the number of clerks 80 and the amount received by each officer is Rs. 25,000/-, what was the total amount of profit earned?

# Name Overall Score
1 Gaurav Agarwal 5
2 Pradip Mondal 5
3 Arman Goyal 5
4 Rythem Singh 5
5 Ritu Jangra 5
6 Kanimozhi.S 5
7 Reema Jangir 5
8 Akanksha Chede 5
9 Priya Santoria 5
10 Harjeet singh 5

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