IBPS RRB Quant Test 8


Study the table and answer the given questions

Note: Some of the data is deliberately missing (indicated by —). You need to calculate the values based on the given data to answer the given questions

Q 1

Only 40% and 20% of females were graduates in villages A and C respectively. If female population of villages A and C were equal, what was the respective ratio of number of non-graduate females (including illiterate females) in villages A and C?

Q 2

If in village E, 40% of male literates and 40% of female literates were graduates, what percent of total population were graduates ?

Q 3

In village B, the number of females was what percent less than the number of males ?

Q 4

The total number of literates (male and female) in Village D was 4320. If the number of illiterate females was 320 more than the number of illiterate

Q 5

In village C, the number of females increased by 20% from 2011 to 2015. If the number of literate females was equal in 2011 and 2015, what percent of female population of village C Was literate ?

# Name Overall Score
1 taruna arora 4
2 vky patel 4
3 peeyush thakur 3
4 Anurag Kumar 3
5 Kanak Kachhap 3
6 pradnya jamnik 2
8 Mahesh Sharma 2
9 Snehalakshmy Nt 2

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