IBPS Clerk Quant Test 13


Study the following Table carefully and answer the questions given below:

Question 1

In the year 2002 who amongst the given people got the highest increase (in percentage) in their annual salary from the previous year ?

Question 2

What is the approximate percent increase in the annual income of Kiran in the year 2004 from that of the previous year ?

Question 3

What is the approximate average annual income of Harish over the given years ?

Question 4

The average annual income earned by Indira over the given years is approximately what percent of the average income earned by Jasmeet over the given years ?

Question 5

What is the respective ratio of the annual income of Indira and Manish in the year 2005 ?

#NameOverall Score
3kumar suthar5
5Manisha Priyadarshini5
6Kamal Prasad5
7Surya Karan5
8Anil Choudhari5
9Anand Gupta5
10punam agalawe5

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