IBPS Clerk Data Analysis Test 7


Study the table carefully to answer the question that follow:
Profit (in Rs ‘000) made by Six Different Shopkeepers over the Months.

Q 1

What is the ratio of the profit earned by shopkeeper U in the months February 2010 and March 2010 together to that earned by shopkeeper Q in the same months ?

Q 2

What is the per cent increase in the profit of shopkeeper S in the month of December 2009 over the previous month ?

Q 3

Which shopkeeper’s profit kept increasing continuously over the given months ?

Q 4

What is the difference in profit earned by the shopkeeper T in January 2010 from the previous month?

Q 5

What was the average profit earned by shopkeeper R in the months of October 2009 and November 2009 together ?

# Name Overall Score
1 Abhijith Kumar K.S 5
2 Shikunj Verma 5
3 Shweta 5
4 arathy murali 5
5 subbu talluri 5
6 Dhananjay Sah 5
7 Mugilan Appu 5
8 Arun Prasad 5
9 Deepika 5
10 Garima Dohare 5

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