IBPS RRB English Test 2


Which of the phrases (a),(b),(c)and (d) given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold in the sentence to make grammatically correct ? If the sentence is correct as it is given and 'No correction is required', mark (e) as the answer.

Q 1

He was a men of few words but was very intelligent and respected by one and all.

Q 2

She was feeling very asleepy today as she had not slept very well the previous night.

Q 3

She waited with bated breath as the names of the top rankers were announced.

Q 4

As Veena got ready to leave for the exam her mother kissed her and wished her lucky.

Q 5

He was so tired that he can barely keeping his eyes open while driving.

# Name Overall Score
1 Meghna Singla 5
3 Shik Hu 5
4 soubhagya bhavikatti 5
5 Sakki 5
6 Avinash Goel 5
7 Sweta Nishad 5
8 Abhishek Matkar 5
9 Sivadasan 5
10 Divya Annie Oommen 5

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