IBPS RRB Data Analysis Test 1


Study the following table carefully and answer the following questions:

Q 1

What is the difference between the maximum temperature of Ontario on 1st November and the minimum temperature of Bhuj on 1st January?

Q 2

In which month respectively the maximum temperature of Kabul is second highest and minimum temperature of Sydney is highest?

Q 3

In which month (on 1st) is the difference between maximum temperature and minimum temperature of Bhuj second highest?

Q 4

What is the average maximum temperature of Beijing over all the months together?

Q 5

What is the respective ratio between the minimum temperature of Beijing on 1st September and the maximum temperature of Ontario on 1st October?

# Name Overall Score
1 Dikshya Bisht 5
2 P Ratusaria 5
3 Nikhilesh Thakur 5
4 Swakshi Chandekar 5
5 Swetha K 5
7 kullai reddy 5
8 Rahul Roy 5
9 Tobith Chungath 5
10 akhila pnair 5

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