IBPS Clerk Reasoning Test 9


Below in each question are given two statements (I) and (II). These statements may be either dependent causes or may be effects of independent causes. One of these statements may be effect of the other statement. Read both statements and decide which of the following answer choice correctly depicts the relationship between those two statements.

Question 1

I. The Government has reduced the prices of petroleum products by five per cent a week after increasing the prices by ten per cent.
II. The rate of inflation dropped marginally during the last week.

Question 2

I.The literacy rate in the district has been increasing for the last four years.
II. The district administration has conducted extensive training programme for the workers involved in the literacy drive.

Question 3

I. All the schools in the area had to be kept closed for most part of the week.
II. Many parents have withdrawn their children from the local schools.

Question 4

I. Police resorted to lathi charge to disperse the unlawful gathering of large number of people.
II. The citizens’ forum called a general strike in protest against the police atrocities.

Question 5

I. The Government has decided to hold a single entrance test for admission to all the medical colleges in India.
II. The state government has debarred students from other students to apply for the seats in the medical colleges in the state.

#NameOverall Score
1suresh sl5
2Len Haokip4
3Arun A3
4subodh kumar3
5Ganesh Prasad3
6Rishita Mahaur3
7Vadapally Ganesh3
8Deepa B2
10Hardeep chaudhary2

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