IBPS RRB Reasoning Test 2


In each of these questions, a group of digits is given followed by four combinations of letters and symbols numbered a, b, c and d. The group of digits is to be coded as per the scheme and conditions given below. The serial number of the combination correctly represents the group do digits is your answer. If mine of the four combinations is correct, your answer is e: i.e. ‘None of these’.

Conditions :
(i) If the first as well as the last digit is odd, both are to be coded as ©.
(ii) If the first as well as the last digit is even, their codes arc to be swapped.
(iii) If ‘0’ is the last digit, it to be coded as *.

Q 1


Q 2


Q 3


Q 4


Q 5


# Name Overall Score
1 Priyanka Redge 5
2 kullai reddy 5
3 Harish Simhadri 5
4 Sakshi Gupta 5
5 Aluma 5
6 Swati 5
7 Sai Kumar 5
8 Preety 5
9 Rajendra Beria 5
10 VJ Bhargav 5

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