SBI PO Reasoning Test 17


Study the following information and answer the questions.
Seven people, namely K, L, M, N, O, P and Q have seven different meetings on the seven different days of the same week starting from Monday and ending on Sunday, not necessarily in the same order. L has a meeting on Thursday. Only two people have a meeting between L and O. Only three people have a meeting between O and N. As many people have a meeting between N and P as between P and O. Q has a meeting immediately before M. Q does not have a meeting on Saturday.

Question 1

Which of the following is not true about K ?

Question 2

How many people have meeting(s) between the days on which Q and L have their meetings ?

Question 3

Who amongst the following has a meeting immediately after the one who has a meeting on Tuesday ?

Question 4

On which of the following days does M have a meeting ?

Question 5

Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and thus form a group as per the given arrangement. Which of the following does not belong to that group ?

#NameOverall Score
1Pavi Mahesh5
2vaishali thavare5
3Sujan Sarkar5
4Shiny Selvam5
5bubuly biswal5
6Ardhana Singh5
7Bablu Christi5
9Piyali Bardhan5
10Rushikesh Landage5

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