SBI PO Reasoning Test 15


Study the following arrangement carefully and answer the questions that follow:

Trilok, Mukund, Mahesh, Somesh, Arjun and Bhupal are living in the six floors of a six-storeyed apartment numbered from 1 to 6. Floor 1 is the lowest and floor 6 is the highest. Mahesh is living in an even numbered floor. Arjun is not living either at the topmost floor or the bottom most floor. Trilok is above Mukund and Mahesh. Bhupal is below Somesh. There are two floors between Arjun and Mukund and Mukund does not live on the lowest floor.

Question 1

Who is in floor 2?

Question 2

How many floors are there below Arjun?

Question 3

Where is Mukund living with respect to Trilok?

Question 4

Where is Bhupal living with respect to Mahesh?

Question 5

If the tenants are assigned floors based on their names in alphabetical order, so the first name in a dictionary would get the topmost floor and so on, the floor number of Trilok would change by ….

#NameOverall Score
2poojitha lakshmi5
3Shubham Kumar5
4Thatikonda Srinath5
5Karampreet Kaur5
6Piyush Mudgal5
8Ankita Anjani5
9aaditya kapoor4

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