SBI PO Quant Test 11


Study the following Information carefully and answer the questions given below
Number of students appeared ,passed and granted scholarships over the years

Question 1

Which of the following seems table most possible reason for substantial increase of number appeared in 1999 ?

Question 2

What is the approximate Percentage of total Granted Scholarship to the total appeared?

Question 3

What is the approximate percentage of total passed to total appeared ?

Question 4

In which year was the percentage passed to appeared the highest?

Question 5

In which year is the scholarship Granted to passed Ratio is highest?

#NameOverall Score
1Avinash Modi5
2Mukund Jadhav5
3rahul raj5
4Rajesh Rock5
5priyanka jain5
6pushpendra kumar rawat5
7Praveen Tiwari5
8Jayesh Kale4
10Byneni Guru3

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