SBI PO English Test 18


In each of the questions given below a sentence is given which is then divided into five parts out of which last part is correct. There is an error in three part of the sentence and only one part is correct. You have to choose the part as your answer.

Question 1

The materials factors (A)/ on a nation's future (B)/ are subordinate factors, (C)/ they had present (D)/ advantages or disadvantages. (E)

Question 2

Let me tried now (A)/ and make some sort (B)/ off general picture of the (C)/ India nation as it impresses (D)/ itself upon me. (E)

Question 3

I am full aware of (A)/ the generous, the nobility (B)/ of sentiment who underlies (C)/ the German objection to (D)/ any hindrance to immigration. (E)

Question 4

I certainly did not (A)/ begin to realized (B)/ one of most important aspect (C)/ of this questions until I (D)/ reached the land of opportunities. (E)

Question 5

Nobody, except these (A)/ happily gifted individuals (B)/ which can see but one (C)/ aspects of an intricate infinitude, (D)/ imagines any simple solution. (E)

#NameOverall Score
1Ankur Johari3
2Ali Absar3
3Ganesh Prasad3
4Apeksha chhabra3
6tahsildar sabbavaram3
7Rajesh Rock2
9Binati Rana2
10Sriya Kumari2

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