SBI PO Data Analysis Test 21


Study the following table carefully to answer the question that follow
Number (N) of six types of Electronic Products Sold by Six different stores in a month and the price per the product (P) (Price in Rs 000) charged by each Store.

Question 1

What is the difference in the amount earned by Store A through the sale of P type products and that earned by Store B through the sale of Q type products ?

Question 2

What is the total amount earned by Store C through the sale of M and O type products together ?

Question 3

The number of L type products sold by Store F is what per cent of the number of the same type of products sold by store E ?

Question 4

What is the ratio of the total number of N and L type products together sold by store D and that of same products sold by Store A ?

Question 5

What is the average price per product charged by all the Stores together for Product Q ?

#NameOverall Score
3Manjinder Singh5
4Ali Absar5
5Ganesh Prasad5
6Shruti Shukla5
7vibha yadava4
8Pranav Singh3
9Sandeep Saini3

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