SBI PO Data Analysis Test 18


Study the information carefully to answer these questions:
In a team there are 240 members(males and females). Two-third of them are males. Fifteen per cent of males are graduates. Remaining males are non-graduates. Three-fourth of the females are graduates. Remaining females are non-graduates.

Question 1

What is the difference between the number of females who are non-graduates and the number of males who are graduates?

Question 2

What is the sum of the number of females who are graduates and the number of males who are non-graduates?

Question 3

What is the ratio between the total number of males and the number of females who are non-graduates?


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 4

The ratio of the present ages of a mother and daughter is 7:1 Four years ago the ratio of their ages was 19:1 what will be the mother’s age four years from now ?

Question 5

The compound interest earned by Suresh on a certain amount at the end of two years at the rate of 8 was Rs 1,414.40. What was the total amount that Suresh got back at the end of two years in the form of principal plus interest earned ?

#NameOverall Score
2Harshad Kale5
3Honey Singh5
4nairita sarkar5
5Saravana Kumar K5
7Debmalya Sur5
8Soumya M5
9Nicy v j5
10sumeet sharma5

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