SBI PO Data Analysis Test 10


Study the following graph carefully to answer the questions that follow:
Cost of three different fruits in (rupees per kg) in five cities

Question 1

In which city is the difference between the cost of one kg. of apple and cost of one kg. of guava lowest?

Question 2

Cost of one kg grape in Jalandhar is approximately what per cent of cost of two kgs. of guavas in Chandigarh?

Question 3

What total amount will Ram pay to the shopkeeper for purchasing 3 kgs. of apples and 2 kgs. guavas in Delhi?

Question 4

Ravinder had to purchase 180 kgs. of grapes from Hoshiarpur. Shopkeeper gave him discount 4% per kg. What amount did he pay to the shopkeeper after the discount?

Question 5

What is the respective ratio between the cost of five kg. of apples from Ropar and the cost of four kg. grapes from Chandigarh?

#NameOverall Score
1Sandip Patil5
2Abhinaba Dey5
3Saurabh Kulkarni5
4Vijay Singhal5
6Maheswari .U5
7Pavan Chavhan5
8Harsh Ranjan5
9Honey Singh5
10sankari nithya5

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