SBI Clerk Verbal Test 2


Read each sentence to find out whether there is any error in it The error if any will be in once part of the sentence The number of the parts is the answer If there is no error the answer is ‘5’.(Ignore errors of punctuations if any)

Question 1

Many animals and plants live in water (1)/but in the same kind water (2)/because not all water is the same (3)/Sea water for instance contains a lot of salt fresh water contains very little (4)/No error (5).

Question 2

A sparrow has made a nest in Kesho’s house (1)/and had laid eggs. Both Kesho and his sister Shyama(2)/watched the nest for hours every day (3)/Even meal times were forgotten (4)/No error(5).

Question 3

A skillful advertiser may be able to create(1)/practically a monopoly for himself(2)/not because his product is superior to (3)/but because he has succeeded in inducing people to believe that it is (4)/No error(5).

Question 4

Whatever may be the origin of speech(1)/we can be certain that the man did not bagan (2)/to feel the need to speak (3)/until he began to live in communities(4)/No error (5).

Question 5

Each animal of the same species (1)/looks for the same sort food (2)/Also there may be other animals of different species (3)/competing with the same food (4)/No error(5).

#NameOverall Score
2satyam sahsik3
3Swarup Satyadarshi3
6Pranoti Pol2
8shubham karale2
9Amit kumar2

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