SBI Clerk Quant Test 5


Study the following graph carefully to answer the given questions?
Human Resources Index of an Organisation for the given years.

Question 1

What is the approximate average for the given Years?

Question 2

Which of the following is true?

Question 3

The index in 1998 was what percent of that of 1996?

Question 4

What is the percent increase from 1993 to 1999?

Question 5

In which year is the percent increase the highest from its previous year?

#NameOverall Score
1puja koli5
2Ashish sajwan5
4Akanksha Bajyal5
5Harshada Jadhav5
6Swati Bhattacharjee5
7Krati Singh4
8suresh sl4
9Chhavi Sharma3

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