SBI Clerk Quant Test 1


Study the following table to answer these questions.
Percentage of marks obtained by 7 students in 6 subjects (maximum marks for each subject is shown in brackets)

Question 1

What is the overall percentage marks obtained by M in all the subjects (rounded off to two digits after decimal)?

Question 2

What is the approx. average percentage of marks obtained by all the students in Maths ?

Question 3

Approximately what is the overall percentage of marks obtained by the T in all the subjects ?

Question 4

What is the approximate average marks obtained by all the students in Geography?

Question 5

What is the total marks obtained by L in History, Geography and Mathematics ?

#NameOverall Score
2suresh sl5
3Swarup Satyadarshi3
4Shakira fathima3
5Ganesh Prasad3
6Rishita Mahaur3
7Simhachalam Vangapandu3
9Prity Sharma2
10Pooja Kaswan2

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