RBI Assistant Reasoning Test 5


In each question below are two/three statements followed by two conclusions numbered I and 11. You have to Lake the given statements to be true even if they seem to he at variance from commonly known facts and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follow (s) from the statements disregarding commonly known facts.
a: if only conclusion I follows.
b: if only conclusion II follows.
c: if either conclusion I or conclusion II follows.
d: if neither conclusion I nor conclusion II follows.
e: if both conclusion I and conclusion II follow.

Q 1

Statements :
Some pencils are erasers.
All pencils are sharpeners.
All erasers are not sharpeners.
Conclusions :
I. All erasers can be pencils.
II. Some sharpeners are erasers.

Q 2

Statements :
All gases are solids.
All solids are liquids.
Conclusions :
I. All gases are liquids.
II. At least some liquids are solids.

Q 3

Statements :
Some notes are coins.
No coin is a card.
Conclusions :
I. All cards can be notes.
II. Some notes are neither coins nor cards.

Q 4

Statements :
All rings are necklaces.
All those necklaces which are not rings are earrings.
No earring is a bracelet.
Conclusions :
I. Some bracelets are necklaces.
II. No ring is a bracelet.

Q 5

Statements :
All silver are gold.
All aluminium are gold.
Some silver are aluminium.
Conclusions :
I. Some gold is both silver and aluminium.
II. All gold can be aluminium.

# Name Overall Score
1 vimala naidu 5
2 Jayanth Kovvuru 5
3 gorle asirinaiud 5
4 S. krishnaa 5
5 Prakash Badiger 4
6 Reena Bindal 3
7 Supriya Mane 3
8 Rupali sangale 3
9 Harsh Gupta 3
10 Kshitija Patil 3

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