RBI Assistant Quant Test 5


Instructions: Study the table carefully to answer the questions that follow:
The number of person visiting six different Super-markets and the percentage of Men, Women and Children visiting those Super markets

Q 1

The number of men visiting Super market D forms approximately what percent of the total number of person visiting all the Super markets together?

Q 2

The number of children visiting Super Market C forms what percent of the number of children visiting Supermarket F? (rounded off to two digits after decimal)

Q 3

What is the total number of children visiting Super markets B and D together?

Q 4

What is the average of women visiting all the Super markets together?

Q 5

What is the ratio of the number of women visiting Supermarket A to that of those visiting Supermarket C?

# Name Overall Score
1 Charanraj Parichendi 5
2 Shriya Jain 5
3 Deepa 4
4 Sneha Sree Sagyari 4
5 Madhushree s 4
6 Charan Raj 3
7 vaibhav krishna 3
8 Pooja Murthy 3
9 Ammu 3
10 Kanak Kachhap 3

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