RBI Assistant Quant Test 12


Study the following Graph carefully and answer the questions given below:

Q 1

The number of students taking Arts in college B, is how many thousand fewer than the number of students taking Arts in college A and college C together ?

Q 2

In college F, the students taking Commerce is what percent of the total number of students taking Arts, Science and Commerce in all ?

Q 3

How many candidates (in thousand) have taken Commerce from all the colleges ?

Q 4

What is the respective ratio of the number of the students taking Science to the number of Students taking Arts in college D ?

Q 5

What is the average number of students (in thousand) taking up Science from all the six colleges together? (Rounded off to two digits after decimal)

# Name Overall Score
1 Naveen Kumar T 5
2 Krity Srivastava 5
3 harini harini 5
4 uma 5
5 avinash khodke 5
6 Mona Sharma 5
7 Abhishek Kanani 5
8 Samatha Reddy 5
9 Abhishek Mishra 5
10 Himanshu Bahutra 5

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