RBI Assistant Data Analysis Test 11


Study the graphs carefully to answer the question that follows:
Total number of children in 6 different schools and the percentage of girls in them


Q 1

What is the total percentage of boys in schools R and U together ? (rounded off to two digits after decimal)

Q 2

What is the total number of boys in School T ?

Q 3

The total number of students in school R is approximately what per cent of the total number of students in School S?

Q 4

What is the average number of boys in schools P and Q together ?

Q 5

What is the ratio of the number of girls in school P to the number of girls in school Q ?

# Name Overall Score
1 Abhishek Mishra 5
3 Chinmay Kapdia 5
4 Mohan B 5
5 S. krishnaa 5
6 vaibhav krishna 5
7 Id Mania 5
8 Shriya Jain 5
9 Srilakshmi S 4
10 Divya Goel 4

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