IBPS Verbal Test 17


In each of these questions, a sentence with two words/group of words in ital is given. One of them or both may have certain error; You have to find out the correct word or group of words from among the three choices (A), (B) and (C) given which can replace the wrong word group of words to make the sentence as it is, mark (E).i.e., NCR(No Correction Required) as your answer.

Question 1

Our firm determination ‘had’ due impact on them and they will be changed their decision.
A. having …. have changed
B. emphasised… will be changed
C. had … changed

Question 2

Deep breathing exercises are found to be of extreme helpful to patients suffering from high blood pressure.
A. Deeply breathing … extremely helpful
B. Deep breathing … of extreme help
C. Deep breathing … extremely helpful

Question 3

By the time they reach the station, the train had been departed.
A. reached … bus
B. reach … had
C. reached … had

Question 4

These days, customers have been receiving better services from bank employes.
A. received... by
B. been received… from
C. received….from

Question 5

It was heartening news that you narrowly escaped being run over by a speeding car yesterday.
A. narrowed… run over
B. narrowly… run across
C. narrowed down… running over

#NameOverall Score
1neeraj sharma5
2Sonalika Sinha5
3Zelanian Zephyr3
4dhana priya3
5Bharat Dubey3
6Varsha Singh3
7Arvind Kumar Tripathi3
9Writy Bhattacharya3
10Pranav Singh3

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