IBPS Reasoning Test 24


Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below :
G is the mother of R. R is the mother of S. S is the daughter of T. T is the brother of J. J is the mother of L. L is the daughter of Q. Q is the Son of D.

Question 1

How is T related to G ?

Question 2

How is S related to J ?


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 3

The components of a computer system with the circuitry to control interpretation and execution of instructions is known as---

Question 4

Conversion of computer generated results into human acceptable form is a function of ---

Question 5

Which of the following best explains RAM ?
I. It is an acronym for Random Access Memory
II. It is memory built from silicon chips that is used to store programs and data temporarily while they are being processed.
III. Read Access Memory

#NameOverall Score
1kannu Kanmani5
2Pooja Rajasekaran5
3Prabhu kale5
5Dev Dev5
6Rakesh M Nair5
7Engg's point5
8Pallavi Dey5
9Jithin S5
10yr gaya5

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