IBPS Reasoning Test 19


Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below :

In a certain code language,
‘bank for my conductor’ is written as ‘ya ri vi pa’
‘for conductor is my’ is written as ‘ri vi pa da’
‘my computer is yours’ is written as ‘ da vi pi du’
‘it yours tablet’ is written as ‘yu du ca’

Q 1

Which of the following is the code for ‘conductor’ ?

Q 2

Which of the following may represent ‘ya pi du’ ?

Q 3

What is the code for ‘my’ ?

Q 4

What does the code ‘pa’ stand for ?

Q 5

In that code language ‘my computer’ can be coded as :

# Name Overall Score
1 Arthi S 5
2 Muthu Vela 5
3 Kokila R 5
4 Omkar Chougale 5
5 Hey You 5
6 Aarthi Se 5
7 pooja jain 5
8 Uma Bharathi 5
9 Pranav Preuu 5
10 Nandhu Me 5

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