IBPS English Test 21


In each of these questions, two sentences are given. These two sentences are to be combined into a single sentence without changing their meaning. Three probable starters of the combined sentence are given as (A), (B) and (C). Any one or more of none of them may be correct. Find out the correct starter(S) and accordingly select your answer among the given five answer choices.

Question 1

Madhuri has been consistent in her studies. Her performance in the examination was nothing else but excellent.
A. Despite being consistent in her studies…
B. Madhuri’s performance in the examination was not excellent, because…
C. Because Madhuri was only consistent and not intelligent, her performance…

Question 2

It is very cold here. You must carry warm clothes with you.
A. Since you must…
B. As it is very...
C. If it is very…

Question 3

The quality of the fabric was not impressive. We changed our plan of purchasing.
A. The quality of the fabric being…
B. We changed our…
C. In spite of the unimpressive

Question 4

Don’t add so much chilli powder to the soup. Consumers are only small children.
A. Because small children do not allow chilli powder …
B. Since, small children do not consume more soup…
C. Adding more chilli powder to soup makes the small children like …

Question 5

He always delays in taking any makes others suffer a lot
1.His taking action on time makes
2.Others suffer a lot because of
3.On account of his procrastination

# Name Overall Score
1 Shatrughna Ojha 5
3 Sukriti Jha 3
4 Pavitra Ganesh 3
5 Abhijit Das 2
6 Uma Petkar 2
7 koyi brahmeswari 2
8 Sarath Dedotzz 2
9 sheela sanwale 2
10 kevin rocky21 2

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