IBPS English Test 16


In each of the questions given below a sentence is given which is then divided into five parts out of which last part is correct. There is an error in three part of the sentence and only one part is correct. You have to choose the part as your answer.

Q 1

I asked him what trade could be (A)/ so dreadful as the one he following, (B)/ where he ran the continnual peril of his life, (C)/ nothing alone from wind and sea, (D)/ but by the horrid cruelty of his masters. (E)

Q 2

If the present instructions (A)/ the individual are required (B)/ to linking id proof (C)/ from mobile number (D)/ to open a new account. (E)

Q 3

The captain led them with (A)/ many rooms, were richly dressed kings (B)/ were sitting on beautiful chairs and (C)/ sipped tea, which was being passed around by (D)/ servants in white aprons. (E)

Q 4

Both the shaggy man and Dorothy looking (A)/ grave and anxious, for they (B)/ were sorrow that such (C)/ a misfortunately had overtaken (D)/ servants in white aprons. (E)

Q 5

A long table was spread on the center (A)/ of the great dining-hall from the palace (B)/ and the splendor of the decoration were (C)/ acknowledged to be the most magnificent seen (D)/ that any of the guests had ever seen. (E)

# Name Overall Score
1 Kunjal N 5
2 Linkan Sahu 5
4 Writy Bhattacharya 3
5 Kumar Tandon 3
6 Rahul Joshi 3
7 Priyanka 3
8 ch.kiranmai 3
9 thyagaraj p j 3

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