Question 56

Flights A and B are scheduled from an airport within the next one hour. All the booked passengers of the two flights are waiting in the boarding hall after check-in. The hall has a seating capacity of 200, out of which 10% remained vacant. 40% of the waiting passengers are ladies. When boarding announcement came, passengers of flight A left the hall and boarded the flight. Seating capacity of each flight is two-third of the passengers who waited in the waiting hall for both the flights put together. Half the passengers who boarded flight A are women. After boarding for flight A, 60% of the waiting hall seats became empty. For every twenty of those who are still waiting in the hall for flight B, there is one air hostess in flight A. What is the ratio of empty seats in flight B to the number of air hostesses in flight A?


Out of 200 of the seating capacity, 180 seats are filled out of which 108 are males and 72 are females. Remaining 20 seats are vacant. According to given condition seating capacity in both the planes is 120 . Considering flight A - we can find that 100 passenger in waiting hall will be taking fight A . So 80 people remain in in the waiting hall who will be taking flight B . Now for every 20 people taking flight B we have a air hostess in flight A . So in total there are 4 air hostess in flight A. Flight B having 120 as seating capacity, 40 remain vacant. So required ratio 40:4 = 10:1 .

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