A country has the following types of traffic signals.

3 red lights = stop

2 red lights = turn left

1 red light = turn right

3 green lights = go at 100 km/hr speed

2 green lights = go at 40 km/hr speed

1 green light = go at 20 km/hr speed

A motorist starts at a point on a road and follows all traffic signals. His car is heading towards the north. He encounters the following signals (the time mentioned in each case below is applicable after crossing the previous signal).

Starting point - 1 green light

After half an hour, 1st signal - 2 red and 2 green lights

After 15 min, 2nd signal - 1 red light

After half an hour, 3rd signal - 1 red and 3 green lights

After 24 min, 4th signal - 2 red and 2 green lights

After 15 min, 5th signal - 3 red lights

Question 57

The total distance travelled by the motorist from the starting point till the last signal is


The distance traveled by the car in particular direction is as follows : First 10 km in north then 10 km in west then 20 km north then 40 km east then again 10 km north.

So in all total distance traveled is 10+10+20+40+10 = 90 kms.

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