At a management school, the oldest M dorms, numbered 1 to 10, need to be repaired urgently. This following diagram represents the estimated repair costs (in Rs. Crores for, the 10 dorms. For any dorm, the estimated repair cost (in Rs. Crores ) is an integer. Repairs with estimated cost Rs. 1 or 2 Crores are considered light repairs, repairs with estimated cost Rs. 3 or 4 are considered moderate repairs and repairs with estimated cost Rs. 5 or 6 Crores are considered extensive repairs.

Further, the following information is known.
1. Odd-numbered dorms do not need light repair; even-numbered dorms do not need moderate repair and dorms, whose numbers are divisible by 3, do not need extensive repair.
2. Dorms 4 to 9 all need different repair costs, with Dorm 7 needing the maximum and Dorm 8 needing the minimum.

Question 48

What is the total cost of repairing the odd-numbered dorms (in Rs. Crores)?

Correct Answer: 19


Odd numbered dorms need either moderate or extensive repair.

Even numbered dorms need either light or extensive repair.

It has been given that dorms 4 to 9 all require different repairing costs. The dorms 3 and 9 should require moderate repair (going by the table). Dorm 7 costs the highest. Therefore, dorm 7 should require 6 crores to repair. Dorm 8 requires the least cost to repair. Therefore, dorm 8 should cost 1 crore to repair. We can eliminate these dorm numbers from other 2 lists. 

Dorms 4 to 9 cost different costs to repair. => Both dorms 5 and 9 cannot require the same cost of repair. Dorms 1 and 3 should require 3 crores to repair. 

Dorm 6 should require light repair (2 crores) since dorm 8 requires 1 crore to repair.
=> Dorm 4 requires 5 crore to repair. 

Cost = 3 + 3 + 6 + 3 + 4 = Rs.19 crores. Therefore, 19 is the correct answer.

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