Directions for the following four questions: Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below.

Purana and Naya are two brands of kitchen mixer-grinders available in the local market. Purana is an old brand that was introduced in 1990, while Naya was introduced in 1997. For both these brands, 20% of the mixer-grinders bought in a particular year are disposed off as junk exactly two years later. It is knows that 10 Purana mixer-grinders were disposed off in 1997. The following figures show the number of Purana and Naya mixer-grinders in operation from 1995 to 2000, as at the end of the year.

Question 48

How many Naya mixer-grinders were purchased in 1999?


There were 30 naya mixture in 97' which will also work in 98' ,thus we have 50 new mixtures in 98' . Now in 99' 20% of 30 i.e. 6 are thrown in junk . So in 99' we have 24 + 50 = 74 naya mixtures of previous years. So naya mixture grinder purchased in 99' is 124-74 = 50. Hence option b. 

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