Directions for the following four questions: Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below.

Prof. Singh has been tracking the number of visitors to his homepage? His service provider has provided him with the following data on the country of origin of the visitors and the university they belong to.

Question 47

Visitors from how many universities from UK visited Prof. Singh's homepage in the three days?


On day 3, there were 2 visitors from UK and 1 from USA. On the same day, the site was visited by 2 persons from University 4 and 1 from University 6. So University 4 is located in UK and University 6 is in USA. Similar reasoning for day 2 gives us the conclusion that University 3 is located in Netherlands and University 8 is in India. On day 1, the number of visitors from USA is 1 and that from University 6 is 1. University 6 is in USA (derived above), which implies no other university is in USA. The number of visitors from India on day 1 is 1. Also, no visitor from University 8, which is in India has visited the site on day 1. This implies that one of University 1 and University 5 is in India and the other in Netherlands. A similar logic gives us that one of University 2 and University 6 is in UK and the other in Canada.

We can see that university 4 and university 7 from UK visited prof. Singh's homepage in the three days.

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