DIRECTIONS for the following three questions: Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below.

Five friends meet every morning at Sree Sagar restaurant for an idli-vada breakfast. Each consumes a different number of idlis and vadas. The number of idlis consumed are 1, 4, 5, 6, and 8, while the number of vadas consumed are 0, 1, 2, 4, and 6. Below are some more facts about who eats what and how much.

i. The number of vadas eaten by Ignesh is three times the number of vadas consumed by the person who eats four idlis.

ii. Three persons, including the one who eats four vadas eat without chutney.

iii. Sandeep does not take any chutney.

iv. The one who eats one idli a day does not eat any vadas or chutney. Further, he is not Mukesh.

v. Daljit eats idli with chutney and also eats vada.

vi. Mukesh, who does not take chutney, eats half as many vadas as the person who eats twice as many idlis as he does.

vii. Bimal eats two more idlis than Ignesh, but Ignesh eats two more vadas than Bimal.

Question 44

Which of the following statements is true?


Considering (i), Ignesh has to eat 6 vadas, since 6 is the only multiple of 3.

Also, using the same information, we can say that a person consumes 2 vadas and 4 idlis.

Using (vii), Bimal eats 2 more idlis than Ignesh.


Bimal - 8, Ignesh - 6

Bimal - 6, Ignesh - 4

But Ignesh cannot have 4 idlis because the person who eats 4 idlis eats 2 vadas.

Hence we take Bimal - 8 and Ignesh - 6.

Also, we get that Bimal eats 6 - 2 = 4 vadas.

So far, we get the following information.

Using (vi), there is a person who eats twice as many idlis as Mukesh. The only pair satisfying is 8, 4.

So, Mukesh eats 4 idlis. Plus the person who eats 4 idlis eats 2 vadas. Hence, we get

Daljit also eats Vada as per info (v), so we get the following

(iv) gives us the information that the one who eats 1idli does not have vada.

Considering the persons who had chutney and those who didn't, 3 persons do not have chutney. Bimal is one of them(the one eating 4 vadas).

Mukesh is the second one to not take chutney(last hint). Also, Sandip does not take chutney. Hence, we get this information as well.

Hence, Ignesh eats 6 Vadas.

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