Read the following caselet and choose the best alternative:

 Island of Growth was witnessing a rapid increase in GDP. Its citizens had become wealthier in recent times, and there had been a considerable improvement in the standards of living. However, this rapid growth had increased corruption and nepotism in the Island. In the recent times, a fear had gripped the population that corruption would destroy the inclusive nature of the society and hinder economic progress. However, most citizens had kept quiet because:
a. they had benefited from the corruption indirectly, if not directly.
b. they did not have the time and energy to protest.
c. they did not have courage to rise against the established power centers.

There was a need to remove corruption but no one was willing to stick his neck out. Many politicians, bureaucrats and private organizations were corrupt. Media and intellectuals kept quiet, as they benefited indirectly from corruption. The common man was scared of state's retribution and the youngsters feared insecure future.

Against this background, an old, unmarried and illiterate gentleman of high moral and ethical authority, Shambhu, decided to take on the issue of corruption. He sat on a hunger strike in the heart of the capital city of the Island. Shambhu demanded that the Government should constitute new laws to punish the corrupt across all walks of life. Media and the citizens of the island gave massive support to Shambhu. Buckling under the pressure, the Government promised to accept Shambhu's demands. He ended the hunger strike immediately following the Government's announcement. Shambhu became the darling of the media. He used this opportunity as a platform to spread the message that only citizens with an unblemished character should be allowed to hold a public office.

A few months later, it was found that the Government had not fulfilled any of its promises made to Shambhu. Infuriated, he was thinking of launching another island-wide protest. However, this time, he sensed that not many people and media persons were willing to support him.

Question 40

Which of the following could be the most likely reason for decline in public support for Shambhu?


Option B is false as state of Sambhu cannot be decided according to the paragraph.

In the last line of the second paragraph it is mentioned that "  He used this opportunity as a platform to spread the message that only citizens with an unblemished character should be allowed to hold a public office." Thus Sambhu was not directly involved in the politics, he just uses the stage to garner support, which might be the reason for decline.

Option D and E are trivial.

Option C is correct

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