Read the following scenario and answer the THREE questions that follow.

Raghubir, a reputed doctor, practices medicine in a tier-three city. He owns an importedSUV which he bought 10 years ago, using his hard- earned savings of nearly 5 years.Initially, he used to take it for long rides, but for the last 6-7 years, he only commutes to hisclinic, a 10-minute drive from his home.

The SUV has been his proud possession but it demands high maintenance. Also, thediesel-guzzling SUV does not comply with the new emission norms being introduced in thetier-one and tier-two cities. Of late, a few newspapers reported that the new emission normsmay be introduced in tier-three cities as well. This news has worried Raghubir.

Question 27

Raghubir is afraid that once the new emission norms are rolled out, he might not beable to use his SUV anymore.
Which of the following options will BEST put Raghubir at ease with using his SUVfor some more time?


In option A, the assurance given by the mechanic can't be relied upon so it won't put Raghubir at ease. In option B it is said that Raghubir's lawyer friends bought non-compliant SUVs from tier two cities which means new emission norms are not strict in tier two cities, so this will also put Raghubir at ease. Option D is totally irrelevant. In option C, it does not matter if there are many SUVs because in his city if the law is enforced so this option can also be eliminated. Option E will not put Raghubir at ease because that might just be some people who are not abiding by the law and could be caught in the future.

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