Question 26

Read the passage carefully and answer the following question.
Labouring is simply what we do to survive. We labour to eat. To keep our bodieshealthy. To keep roof over our heads, and to keep life reproducing. All animalslabour, with or without coaxing…. There’s nothing special about labour, save for thefact that without it we would die.
Work, on the other hand, gives collective meaning to what we do. When we work toproduce something we both put something into and leave something lasting in theworld: a table, a house, a book, a car, a rug, a high precision piece of engineeringwith which we can order the days into time, or keep a body breathing.
Which of the following statements can be BEST concluded from the passage?


The paragraph's main idea is that labour is something we do for a living while work is different.
Option B is incorrect as the paragraph doesn't say that labour is something we do for a role. Options C and D are not mentioned in the paragraph. Option E gives an example, and it is not the whole idea of the given paragraph.

Answer is option A.

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