CMAT 2019 Question Paper


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

How much time does Mr.Surya take to cover a distance of 500 m if he runs at a speed of 25 km/hr?

Question 2

What is the area covered by a bell-shaped curve from —6 sigma to +6 sigma in normal distribution?

Question 3

The following table lists the marks of  seven students(rows) of a class across six subjects(columns). The Numbers in the Parenthesis indicate the maximum marks of the subject concerned. Use the data in the table to answer the question that follows :

Who is the topper of the class?

Question 4

Rajesh can check the quality of 1000 items in 5 hours and Rakesh can complete 75% of the same job in 3 hours. How much time is required for both of them to check 1300 items, if Rakesh stops checking after 2 hours ? 

Question 5

Two oranges, three bananas and four apples cost Rs. 15. Three oranges, two bananas and one apple cost Rs. 10. I bought 3 oranges, 3 bananas and 3 apples. How much did I pay ?

Question 6

What value should come in place of question mark(?) in the following equation?

$$360\sqrt?$$ + 4500 = 19700 - 9800

Question 7

In a building there are 30 cylindrical pillars. The radius of each pillar is 35 cm and height is 5 m. Find out the cost of painting the curved surface of half the number of pillars. The rate of painting is Rs. 10 per $$m^2$$.

Question 8

A management institute has 6 senior professors and 4 junior professors, 3 professors are selected at random for a government project. The probability that at least one of the junior professors would get selected is :

Question 9

The angle created by two hands of a clock when the clock shows 5.20 P.M. is :

Question 10

The total volume of soaps sold is 680 lakhs units. The volume of Lux sold is 136 lakh units. If the percentage of Lifebuoy sold is 30%, Camay 10%, Liril 15% and Mysore Sandal 10%, answer the following questions.

What is the market share of others in percentage points?

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