CMAT 2019 Question Paper


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

In a triangle ABC, AD is the bisector of angle A. If AC =4.2 cm, DC = 6 cm, BC =10 cm, find AB.

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Question 12

There are 6 tasks and 6 persons. Task 1 cannot be assigned either to person 1 or person 2. Task 2 must be assigned to either person 3 or person 4. Every person is to be assigned one task. In how many ways can the assignment be done ?

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Question 13

The maximum value of 3 $$cosx+4 sinx+8$$ is

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Question 14

If one third of one-fourth of a number is 15, then three-tenth of that number is

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Question 15

Students in a commerce class took a test. The average score of men is 70 and of women is 83. The class average is 76. What is the ratio of men to women in the class?

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Question 16

What is the probability of drawing a king or a heart from a deck of cards ?

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Question 17

The sum of three consecutive odd numbers is 20 more than the first number. What is the middle number ?

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Question 18

In a simultaneous throw of a pair of dice, find the probability of getting a total of 9 or more.

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Question 19

The length, breadth and height of a rectangular cuboid are in the ratio 1: 2 : 3. If the length, breadth and height are increased by 100% each then what would be the increase in the volume of the cuboid ?

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Question 20

It costs Rs. 6000/- and Rs. 6,100- respectively to paint the 4 walls of 2 square halls, of the same height. If the length of one hall exceeds the length of the other by 1 m and the cost of painting is Rs. 5 per sq.m., what is the height of the two walls ?

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