CMAT 2019 Question Paper


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 91

The train accident that killed 61 people watching Dussera Celebrations in 2018 happened at which place :

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Question 92

The Chabahar port being developed by India to gain access to Central Asia is located in which of the following countries ?

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Question 93

The Person behind a wonderful concept 'Van Mahotsav':

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Question 94

Consider the following statements regarding HEATING AND COOLING OF ATMOSPIILIU:
1. Convention is important in heating the lower layers of the atmosphere.
2. The convention transfer of energy is confined only to the troposphere.
3. 'Ioo' is the outcome of advection process.
Identify the correct statements :

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Question 95

India and which country have agreed to undertake the Indus Water Treaty tours in the Indus basin on both sides to resolve issues on the various hydroelectric projects ?

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Question 96

Where is the world's highest altitude Post office located?

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Question 97

What is the full form of NPCI?

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Question 98

Debenture holders of a company are its :

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Question 99

The CRR in banking parlance means the following :

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Question 100

Which country has secured member one spot in the latest FIFA's world rankings released on $$25^{th}$$, Oct, 2018 ?

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